Bob Gillette

Dear Christine, As I mentioned to you in your most recent board meeting, I had a most rewarding experience during the last four or five years of working with the Bonita Springs officials in the development of a three phase retirement community on Longfellow Rd and Three Oaks Parkway. Each segment that I experienced in the governmental process, starting with the zoning board, the city council and all of the administrative staff that worked through this process was, without a doubt and at every level, exemplary. Along the way there were issues and concerns that needed to be addressed as any development would have, but the attitude was always “how do we make it happen for you?” vs. “this can’t or shouldn’t be done”. Having been doing this for the last 30 years, I have been in similar situations in other communities in my career but nowhere did I ever find this level of cooperation and assistance. I remain very truly yours,