Trailing Spouse Initiative

trailing-spouseSince the recent corporate relocation of Hertz’s global headquarters to Estero, Florida, we discovered the new term “Trailing Spouse.” Trailing Spouse refers to the family members of a relocating employee who may also be seeking employment in the associated region.

As the Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council, we recognize that anything we can do to assist our local employers will ultimately benefit our economy and community. We also understand that the key to a business’s success is finding the right people, which is why we provide a resource for businesses to connect with potential employees.

Assistance from Community Organizations

Thanks to community organizations such as the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce, Estero Chamber of Commerce, and Lee County Education System, we are able to provide the information needed for those relocating to the Southwest Florida region, including Trailing Spouses.


For families seeking further assistance, please contact the Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council’s Executive Director today at (239) 333-2332 or

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